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 B VS. E Battle for RELIC on 2/23/2013

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PostSubject: B VS. E Battle for RELIC on 2/23/2013   Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:31 pm

Hi Folks!!
I went to South to Cincy to Bugg's War Room and played a game of WARHAMMER 40K
B VS. E Battle for Mission; RELIC (Force Dome Generator 4+ Invulnerable Save, 6" Radius) and Deployment; Vanguard Strike (Angled set up) on Saturday 2/23/2013
E's strategic traits; Divide to Conquer (-1 Reserve Rolls for Enemy) for Demon Prince Warlord
E's Demon Prince Warlord upgraded the Level; 3 (Doom bolt, Warp Speed, & Fire Breath)
Had Synder's of Hanover Hard Pretzels & Taco Dorotos to munch-on and Heinies & Dark Pauli Girls to Drink

No Night Fight at Start. B set up First & went First
E got "First Blood" killed B's Pink Horrors unit +1 V.P.
B killed E's Demon Prince "Slay the Warlord" +1V.P.
E killed B's Lucius Eternal "Slay the Warlord" +1V.P.
On the 4th Turn B called quits and E has the RELIC +3 V.P.

V.P. Totals;
B: +1 V.P.
E: +5 V.P. WINNER!!

DA FEAST: Bacon Wrapped Beef Fillet-of-Mignon, Mashed Potatoes, Sliced Mushrooms & Onions Sautéed in Butter and Cherry Coke to Drink
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PostSubject: Re: B VS. E Battle for RELIC on 2/23/2013   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:18 am

Congrats on the win! Very Happy

Martial Law-Salute
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B VS. E Battle for RELIC on 2/23/2013
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