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 Daemons of Chaos HQ(heralds) query...

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PostSubject: Daemons of Chaos HQ(heralds) query...   Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:50 pm

So, herald entry...

Daemon Codex; pg 94,

"each primary detachment in your army may include up to four Heralds of Choas, chosen in any combination from the following models;
(blah blah blah, models named charcters blah)
This selection uses a single HQ slot from the force organisation chart, but the Heralds are otherwise treated as seperate units.
(further blah blah relating to super herald deathstart nonsense that isn't really a rule, that can detach like other like units...blah)

This precedes the listing for Heralds,
and then goes on to list all the Heralds (named and generic).

a- we cannot take Heralds outside of a daemon army (gawddammit, there went a fun idea)?
b- we can only take them in multiples per HQ in a daemon army?

The way I'm reading it, a daemonic allied detach is going to have to take either a DP or GD... Mad

(or did I manage to miss this already hashed out in a rumour thread elsewhere?)
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Daemons of Chaos HQ(heralds) query...
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