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 The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact

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PostSubject: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:34 pm

by Matt-Shadowlord

This is not a review of the in Codex Inquisition; every blogger and their mum seems to be doing one today. It's not even going to be a quick pass through all the options and units. This is quick response to the tone of most of those reviews, which I feel have missed the point in a big way.

I was out most of today, and saw the reviews on my phone before actually getting the codex this evening. I saw comments like  “disappointing”, “underwhelming”, and “Gamesworkshop missed the mark”, so was pleasantly surprised when I laid my hands on it.

In my opinion, despite its brevity and lack of new units, Codex: Inquisition is an extremely significant release for competitive 40K games. It makes so much of a difference that almost every army list I have written for 40K is now obsolete. Even the Eldar & Guard (Eldguard) army list I put up here on 3++ yesterday is old news, using an overpriced underpowered commissar instead of an stubborn Inquisitor, having no way to twinlink its manticore and lacking anti-scout anti-infiltrator defence.

If you wanted new units, new background stories, rules and models you may well be disappointed, but the GK codex that spun-off this release is already full of toys and rules, and I knew in advance exactly what I wanted from this codex, one simple word: Access.

We now have access to the much of the GK armoury in a completely new way. Those readers who think this hasn't changed or added anything to the game that wasn't there before should factor in that GK have always been one of the most appealing allies – but they have no battle brothers. C:I could hardly be more friendly, versatile and easy to add to an army. All the Imperial armies can benefit from this.

For my IG army, I wanted access to three things from C:I

1.Battle-brother Servo Skulls (more than any other item in the game. More than Any. Other. Item.)
2.Battle-brother Divination
3.Stubborn Inquisitors to replace (more expensive! much less good!) Commissars

All of these were delivered, along with unexpected surprises like the Inq being able to take over as Warlord, even when a member of an allied detachment. The bonuses on top of that, like the option to take 2 HQs from an ally (Coteaz and Divination Inquisitor anyone?), the new warlord traits, Valkyries as dedicated transport (a good omen for the IG codex) etc will take a while to digest, as will the hugely significant fact that allying with C:I doesn't prevent adding another, standard ally to your army.

For a quick overview, the Inquisitorial army list is split into three sections:
•Dedicated Transports

Note no troops, and no requirement to take troops as an ally. The allied contingent can in fact just be a single HQ model. There are two ways to make the Elites troops; either take the Inquisition as Primary, or take Coteaz.

The easiest of all Allies

When you choose an army, Inquisitors may be taken as a primary detachment or as a special form of allied detachment known as an Inquisitorial detachment.

With its limited FOC and unit selection I expect C:I as primary to be uncommon, and C:I as a solo army to be extremely rare. An army may include an Inquisitorial detachment in addition to any other detachments. Other detachments, such as allied detachments, additional primary detachments and fortifications can be taken normally. So, for example, you could field an army with an Imperial Guard primary detachment, an allied detachment of Space Marines, and an Inquisitorial detachment.

Servo Skulls

Servo Skulls are a big deal. Battle-brother servo skulls are an even bigger deal. Previously getting them meant allying with GK and not taking Coteaz (sharp intake of breath!), and even then they only reduced the scatter of ‘friendly' blasts and deepstrikers.

There are two huge reasons why these are the items I've most wanted my IG army to gain access to. The first is fairly obvious: Guard may not have a high ballistic skill but they like to throw blasts around. “A friendly unit arriving by Deep Strike rolls one D6 less for scatter if it aims to arrive within 12″ of a Servo-skull. Likewise, friendly blast templates placed within 12″ of a Servo-skull roll one D6 less for scatter.”

The second, even more important one, is to deal with the rise of fast scouting armies such as the White Scars. WS scouting virtually their entire army forward essentially steals a turn from shooting-orientated adversary – great for Khan's boys, not so good for their enemy. Servo skulls are the cheapest, most reliable, lowest-risk, zero kill point way to deal with this problem.

“Enemy infiltrators cannot set up within 12″ of a Servo-skull. Similarly, enemy scouts cannot use their pre-game move to approach to within 12″ of a Servo-skull. Servo-skulls are considered too small and agile to be attacked and cannot be harmed in any way. However, should an enemy unit move within 6″ of a Servo-skull, then the Servo-skull will self-destruct or flee the battlefield – remove it from play.”

A generic Inquisitor can take up to 3 of these for 3 points each, and in a Shooting vs Scouting match up they are absolute game-changers. I would to as far as to say a wide range of armies having access to this brings White Scars a bit back down to earth – they remain good or even great, but those armies that struggle to deal with bikers who start 12” away will find the game a lot more manageable when they start a nice, polite 24” away instead. White Scars had a few weeks in the sun, which is about all any codex seems to get these days.

And there’s more.

The tip of the Iceberg

I’ve not had a chance to go through the book in detail, and this article doesn’t even claim to be an overview, let alone a review. What I hope it will do is help frame the codex when 3++ visitors read it – not as  a disappointing missed opportunity of a fractional codex with limited impact, but as a potential game-changer that can and will alter the balance of power between the game’s armies.

And now you’ll have to excuse me while I try out a 50 man guard squad with Stubborn, Divination, Psychotroke grenades, Rad grenades, power-axes and Hammerhand.

Seems legit.


Martial Law-Salute
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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:03 pm

OH GOD! Really?!? The last couple months I've been thinking about the allie thing and ended up buying Shrike for raven guard. Then I just bought some tanks off of ebay for some Imperial Guard allies. Now what your saying is, I'm gonna end up spending more money for Inquistion and the last time I played was about 3 or 4 months ago or longer, I can't remember. Ohhhh...my wallet hurts already AND I need to get some games in (or maybe I should just stay off the internet for a few months).
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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:24 pm

Yeah, now everyone swinging cock in power armor is going (well should) have an And They Shall Know No Fear leading, 'grenade wielding, lvl1 psyker casting prescience (or worse) buffmander, and 3 servo skulls just to piss off daemons and white scars.

how much will that run you? about 90pts. broken!!! yes, broken. that was for my GK not for every power armor army this side of the Eye of Storm. I'm not happy about this. Going to see Coteaz in every army. for 100pts, you get a lvl2 psyker with x2 rolled up spells as well as Might or whatever it's called. I've been expecting you is the damn truth!!! i'll be expecting that guy to be in every army he can be. (well, expect for Tau and Eldar, they have all they want together and don't need their human skum).

This does change the meta. Though Coteaz doesn't get the servo skulls, practically guarenteeing you won't get seized on is huge and is a likely worthy trade-off if you don't mind someone coming up in your grill with scout moves.

Not a happy camper here. It pretty much just lets me have rad grenades in an already OP deathstar which usually is buffed by prescience from Coteaz. I don't even mind if people scout all up on me. Pretty much everything else in my list is twin-linked so I guess it'll be good for someone else. Especially the other codex' that need their devs twin-linked to fight flyers.
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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:37 pm

I haven't seen the dex yet.
Inquisition is what first got me into 40k.
I built IG around them.
I built GK around them.
Now you are telling me I can have any other army but Chaos, Daemons and Nids with them?

Declaring Martial Law - FTW
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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:44 am

No orcs either but yeah. They are battle bros with all the power armor guys/girls aswell as guard.
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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:00 am

I got a copy of the codex this past weekend and I have had time to go through it. I have a ton of everything in there and I am good with it!!!!!!

Primary list + Allies + Inq detatchment = Oh Yes!
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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:39 am

original post on faeit212

The Inquisition

There is a lot of the community that does not like the new Inquisition codex. There are some though, like myself, that absolutely love it. Its been since 5th edition that my Inquisition units could ally up with my Imperial Guard..... which is in my opinion where they should be.

I was disappointed in Grey Knights, simply because I started playing them because of the Inquisition. I already had the Inquisition models, and wanted to keep playing them. Of course don't get me wrong, I loved and still do psycannons.

What this codex did was something that Inquisition players have wanted returned to the game. I can understand that we wanted more, and that non-inquisition players desired something different. However for people who already loved the Inquisition, and missed them being attached to the Imperial Guard, the book is what we hoped for.

Quite simply... If you had asked me if I would buy a book to just get the Inquisition back into my IG I would of said yes.

Access to Inquisitors for so many armies is huge.

What Games Workshop did though was take it one step further. They took the codex and made a new allied system on top of what we already have called an Inquisition Detachment. This in reality allows the Inquisition to be an ally of an ally, and opens up where these guys can go into many different armies.

For the most part it is simple and easy to add in an Inquisitorial Detachment. For as low as 25 points in fact. Then add on some servo skulls and that can be it. If you play any army that can get access to the Inquisition, which is anyone but Orks, Tyranids, Chaos Daemons and Marines, and Necrons, you should be taking a closer look at this codex.

What this codex does is literally change the dynamics of most armies, whether you are playing against it, or with it. So much can be done with them, from their psychic powers, grenades, transports, and more. What Games Workshop did with this codex is add a ton to the game of 40k with very little.

Having played my Grey Knights for the Inquisition now for quite some time, here is how I see each one being used.

All Ordos

Servo-skulls, because anyone playing an imperial army can get these now for the low cost of 25pts of Inquisitor and 3 points there after for each skull.

Psychic Powers. Cheap reliable prescience is the name of this game, along with what ever other options you think you might want. Hammer hand and Psychic Communion are fast and easy winners as well.

In a nutshell, you get some great options for just about any army you want to play with any of the Inquisitors. Now lets take a look at how I have been using some of these guys over the last few years and how that will translate.

Ordo Xenos

The Assault Inquisitor

These guys are the new hotshots in town. They can join other units, and literally be the deciding factor in any assault with their grenads. Have a unit that you want to assault with? Simply grab a single inquisitor with grenades and have him join your squad. Its that easy and extremely valuable.

The Xenos Inquisitor does more though than just load up on grenades, they can take conversion beamers. These are nice, and can just sit in the backfield in a 5 man tactical or other unit and fire away.

Psyk-out Grenades. Dont forget that if you assault any units that are either daemons or psykers, they are reduced to Initiative 1

Plasma Syphon. Yes these are cool, and suck the wind out of those plasma armies, like Tau, the Black Legion, and more. Plasma is cool, and getting the wind sucked out of them, is just evil.

Ordo Hereticus

The search and destroy Inquistor

A largely underrated Inquisitor. These guys excel at turning a good shooting unit into one that can dominate. I have been using an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor since the Grey Knight codex came out. Lover them. What am I talking about.... the Psyocculum. I have used this to make my psyker blast template S10 Ap1 into a blast that has a ballastic skill of 10.

Now you can attach these inquisitors to other more rubust units, like Sternguard, Centurions, and much more. Anything that is a psyker will suffer greatly. What do you think of snipers with BS10, Devastators and many other fun options. Dont let psychic powers overwhelm your army.

Ordo Malleus

The in your face, front line Inquisitor

These guys can suit up in Terminator armour, grab a psycannon, and let loose. They really do come with the best weapon options, and the one I have used in the past the most, is the terminator armoured psycannon wielding a Nemesis Daemon hammer.

If you plan on running your inquisitors straight into the battle and jumping into the fray, one of these guys fits the bill. Team him up with a Xenos Inquisitor with grenades, throw them in a land raider and go have some fun.

Martial Law-Salute
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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact   

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The Inquisition – Small Codex, Huge Impact
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