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 B VS. E 11/23/2013 Eldar vs. Marines "Big Guns Never Tire"

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PostSubject: B VS. E 11/23/2013 Eldar vs. Marines "Big Guns Never Tire"   Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:57 am

Went south to Cincinnati today for a B VS. E 40K Battle

Mission: "Big Guns Never Tire" with 5 Objectives (+3VP Each) also +1VP per Heavy destroyed. We had 2,000pt armies today; 11/23/2013
E = Space Marines
B = Eldar
Eric won roll off and got choice on table side and won set up first & go first
No Night-Fight was rolled up. Brady failed to steal Initiative.
Eric Destroyed a Eldar Wave Serpent for "First Blood" +1VP
Eric's Space Marine Scout Sniper, Squad Heavy Bolter shot & killed a Eldar Far Seer with 3 hit & wounds. Eric's Pedro Cantor called a Orbital bombardment down & Hit both the Avatar & Wraith Lord and caused each a Wound! Then 9 of Brady's Eldar Warp Spiders Kill Pedro Cantor.
6 of Brady's Wraith Guard kill Eric's librarian "Slay the Warlord" +1VP
Eric's Devastator Squad (3M.L., 1L.C., & 1Sgt.) kill Brady's Avatar " Slay the Warlord" +1VP
We played a full 6 turn game (no Night Fight at all)
Eric Kills 2 heavies = +2VP
Brady´╗┐ Kills 2 heavies = +2VP
Brady holds 2 Objectives = +6VP (Eldar Scout Squad, 1Wraith Lord)
Eric holds 3 Objectives = +9VP (1Landraider, 1Landraider, Scout Squad)

Grand Totals;
Eric: +1VP +1VP +2VP +9VP = 13V.P.
Brady: +1VP +2VP +6VP = 9V.P.
Eric is the Winner!!

FEAST; La Rosa's Pizza; X-Large with Bacon & Pepperoni, 12 Rondels (pastry-roll-up with Cheese & Pepperoni), 8 slices of Cheese covered Garlic Bread, & Salad.
Munchies; Taco Doritos & Snyder's of Hanover Hard Pretzels
Drinks; Hot Tea, Coke, Dark Beer´╗┐

Your Gaming Buddy, Eric
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PostSubject: Re: B VS. E 11/23/2013 Eldar vs. Marines "Big Guns Never Tire"   Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:26 am

Sounds like another great game!

Declaring Martial Law - FTW
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B VS. E 11/23/2013 Eldar vs. Marines "Big Guns Never Tire"
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