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 'Comp' template; the 1st

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PostSubject: 'Comp' template; the 1st   Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:46 am

(note: in all these 'comp' templates, I am using the term 'composition' in its loosest form.  a method of balancing [hence 'comp' vs 'composition'], not the literal scoring that many of us are directly familiar with and most are at least vaguely aware of.  though it may become part of the templates in its raw form)

With this method, there are no restrictions to what a player brings (or scores).  It takes the core ideas of the 'Skull of Thrones' shared pool and narrows them, as I think GW's method is a bit too diffuse with its accolades...making any 'victory' a bit too hollow.

Tier 1 (or 'sealed deck' to take a CCG vernacular):
Core Codex ONLY.  'nuff said.
Tier 2:
All allied rules within the core rules, utilizing only printed codices and army expansions (expansions being things such as Iyanden, Raukaan etc).
Tier 3:
ALL digital material (dataslates etc), codices, allies etc.  NO FW, Escalation or Stronghold.  (this list can expand depending on future releases...but follow this as a template for further 'banned' material.
Tier 4 (or Type-1 for us old school MTGers, or unlimited format or what have you):
ANYTHING GOES.  If its printed by GW/FW, and has the Escalation/SA/40k approved-stamp it is in.

You can pair initial round in Tiers, or randomly, as the TO/Venue sees fit...but after round 1 all is by score. (you could further distribute later pairings by granting a temporary pairing score to different tiers, that comes off at the end, to distribute without completely segregating the tiers...again, per TO/Venue preference).

Running with the ToS system, each player has the potential for winning 'Best(insert codex here)'.  This thins out the prize pool (if there are prizes, and not trophies) OR costs the TO/Venue too much in trophy/certificate $$.
With this system, there are 4 potential 'best (tier) general/renn man' prizes.  This both concentrates the pool, and shortens the victor list to something that carries more bragging weight.

You can add a little bit into the mix by granting a few noteworthy side prizes, such as (invent fun name)-prize for a lower tier beating a higher tier ranking in a game, or overall score...etc etc...whilst still keeping it in the 6 prize range.
You can also introduce 'soft' scores for Renn-man.
You could also introduce 'soft' scores within the Tiers, which would reduce a sense of chipmunking/punishment with some (as the TO chooses).
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PostSubject: Re: 'Comp' template; the 1st   Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:21 pm

This one seems to really water down the prize pool.... not my favorite.


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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'Comp' template; the 1st
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