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 Comp template; the 3rd

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PostSubject: Comp template; the 3rd   Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:50 am

(note: in all these 'comp' templates, I am using the term 'composition' in its loosest form. a method of balancing [hence 'comp' vs 'composition'], not the literal scoring that many of us are directly familiar with and most are at least vaguely aware of. though it may become part of the templates in its raw form)

Tiers, Take 2

Extremely simple in player execution/understanding, VERY difficult for the TO.

This requires one of two metrics and applications, so could be 3rd or 4th template, but concept is similar so shoving together.

-Rate armies (requires at minimum a 1 week prior submission of lists).
The metrics can be simple (4 tiers taken from the prior post) or complex (a method of rating that is predicated on real or perceived 'strengths' of books&builds).
-First round pairings are always made by these rankings, and builds are handicapped based on these rankings as well.
-These handicaps are applied throughout the event (or just the first day in the case of a 5+ rounder over a weekend).
Score+/-handicap determine rankings/pairings.
Handicap determines 1st round pairings.

This REQUIRES the one-month delay after a new book release (which should be applied anyway, but isn't always) and research/playtesting/community feedback by the TO. It's a great deal of work, but is very rewarding. (some of the core concepts are sort of stolen from a GT run in central FLA called Necronomicon. They've been outta the biz for a number of years, but I knew the entire team well and they applied evenly and fairly. It was the most fun I've ever had at a big event. Hobbyists/Fluffer-nutters/WAAC players all mixed it up and had a blast.)
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PostSubject: Re: Comp template; the 3rd   Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:19 pm

This seems to be the way that Dan at Buckeye Battles runs his event.


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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Comp template; the 3rd
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