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 B vs. E 12/21/2013 MISSION: "RELIC"

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PostSubject: B vs. E 12/21/2013 MISSION: "RELIC"   Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:44 pm

Hi Folks!!

I went South to Cincy today and Santa Eric brought Christmas to Brady & Heidi & Kids. Had a Belated Birthday Feast Lunch for Brady's Daughter Gabby; Inch thick New York Strip Steaks, Smashed Potatos, and Spinage with Onions & Bacon and Coke to drink.

Then we played a Warhammer 40K Game. The Mission was "RELIC" and the Deployment was "Dawn of War". Brady won die roll of setup first & go. No Night Fight was rolled on Turn1. Eric Failed to Steal the Inititative.
Eric had Space Marines Army and Brady had Imperial Guard Army, both were 3,365 points. On the First turn Brady's Imperial Guard killed Eric's 5man Space Marine Scout Squad and got "FIRST BLOOD" +1V.P. On the Third turn Eric's Space Marines Killed Brady's Col. "Iron-Hand" Straken and got +1V.P. for "SLAY THE WARLORD" On the Fifth turn Night Fight was rolled up and the Game Ended. We each picked up the Relic twice and then were slain, it did not move. We TIED on VICTORY POINTs 1 to 1.
So we then totaled Kill Points; Brady got 9 Kill Pts. & Eric got 13 Kill Pts.
So Eric was the Winner of the battle.

We had munches of Synder's Hard Pretzels of Hanover & Taco Doritos and Cokes, Dark Beer, & Hot-Tea to drink

Your Gaming Buddy, Eric
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PostSubject: Re: B vs. E 12/21/2013 MISSION: "RELIC"   Sun Dec 22, 2013 5:05 am

Nice job Big P! That mission really does suck. I don't think I've ever seen anyone successfully hang on to the relic. They all just get blown up.

Anyway, have a great holiday!
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B vs. E 12/21/2013 MISSION: "RELIC"
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