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 1850pts. escalation Eldar vs. Necrons

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PostSubject: 1850pts. escalation Eldar vs. Necrons   Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:40 pm

After going at it without a LoW myself and him having only one army to play that day, we got in another game of escalation were I played a list that is pretty close to what I think I want to use if I go eldar.

He took the c'tan with slide/D-template/something shooty, a near barebones lord, some scarabs (leeched the idea from JY2), max ABs, x3 scythes w/x5 warriors, x2 triple holofield generators. Just like last game.

I took a Revenant, Jetseer, Jetauratarch, x3 units of windseeker jetbikes, x3 Crimson Hunters, and a Void sheild generator (3 total shields).

We rolled up Vanguard strike, Scouring, and The Relic. I won table side and took the long edge with x2 LOS blocking strucures in it. (just enough LOS to block out my jetbikes that is). He had roughly the same deployment types but his deployment zone had only x1 LOS blocking terrain in it. He did have x2 generators so we both had x3 LOS pieces when it was all said and done.

I won first turn and kept it. Throwing my Revenant on my deployment line and under protection of my V.S.G.'s as well as my own. My HQs hung out like scaredy cats but within buff range to the Revenant.

My opponent pretty much would have lost the game on turn 1 had I not wanted to see how the game could "tactically" play out. That and going through new psychic powers/set up/missions and everything just to play another legit game would have been tedious. What he did was put his C'tan in the middle of all 3 of his barges and only about 26" away from me. Yes, they were under the protection of 6 void sheilds and I only had 2 weopons that could drop a sheild apiece but if you are within the bubble of the sheild yourself, then the void sheilds don't work. Revenants can move 36". If the math is strong with you then you'd see a Prescienced Revenant with 4 bunched up targets at his disposal would be game over right then and there. I did the noble thing, told him about it and just shot and dropped x2 sheilds.

HT1: Paniced at the realization that I was going to alpha strike his C'tan before he could even reach mine, he spread out and downed all 3 of my sheilds.

MT2: I managed to keep all 3 bikes offboard thanks to the Auratarch. One Crimson Hunter comes in and takes down x2 more shields. Revenant plays nice again and takes down another x2 shields.

HT2: All 3 of his scythes come in and manage to take my CH down to 1 HullPoint and stun him. Barges unload into my Revenant pen 4 times but his own personal Shields stop any damages! His C'tan still doesn't have a target as I've kept out of his threat range.

MT3: I roll x3 6's and my bikes come in. The boost around my backline and temporarily claim a 1,2, and 3 pt. objective each on my side of the table. With feet on the ground, my Revenant goes and sends the C'tan back to carring case and I take out an Annihalation Barge too. I also fly off my damaged CH while the other two come in. They drop one flyer and drop another to 2 HPs.

HT3: His flyers zip past mine and go troop hunting. His ABs move out to go Troop hunting. His walking warriors move on to his 2pt objective. His shooting has alot of volume to it and takes out one of my windseeker jetbike units due to failed morale. (bummer)

MT4: Revenant completely whiffs all his shooting with some very high scatter rolls and being too far away to Prescience or Guide. The CH's all either come back on or abuse that dancing trait to get blow his remaining x2 scythes up. My bikes swap objectives by turbo boosting to eachothers.

HT4: His troops walk onto 2 objectives. Reinforcing one, and claiming another. He has 3pts to my 5pts. Neither of us have the relic and his 4pt'r is waaaaay too close to the camping Revenant. Barges again aim for troups and manage to kill one from each unit. They hold this time.

MT5: I feel like I can get a close win this turn and likely a crushing victory next turn (if it goes that far) My revenant moves and kills both barges. My two point objective bikes boost to the relic. The CH's postion and take pot shots at his warriors w/lord but fail to cover saves.

HT5: He tries to dakka down the exposed bikes near the relic as those lonely warriors are all he has left. They fail to do an unsaved wound. If they game ends it will be 2-0 Eldar. As we are tied primary at 3 each. No one has the relic and I have First Blood and Linebreaker. It goes on however with him rolling a '6'.

MT6: Revenant does what it does and clears out 10 warriors and warlord. CH's do what they are not intended  to do and clear off 5 lone warriors. I take the relic and hudle up.

HT6: He has 3 cowarding scarabs. I have only lost 85pts worth of models. It's over.

Endgame score: I win 10-0.

Endgame winner's perspective: Revenant is nasty. Kinda erratic if those blasts scatter though as I lost an entire turn's worth of carnage by him missing. x3 Crimson Hunters is likely too much. Losing just one means i can turn one into an exarch and gain x3 more Windseeker jetbike squads. When your entire army's worth of scoring troups is 9 models...doubling it seems like the right thing to do.

Endgame Loser's perspective: Moving 36" and still being able to shoot is a big change from the old apoc rules for the Revenant. Makes that unit godlike as there is very little tableroom to hide from it. Jetbikes are annoying. That many Crimson Hunters is like a huge anti-Necron build almost. Pretty sure he could have weathered x2 of them but x3 is a deathsentance.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850pts. escalation Eldar vs. Necrons   Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:53 pm

I could also get x6 Warp Spiders and another unit of Windseekers. The problem with taking all windseekers is that I need one on the board to reserve one. Hence the warpspider thought.
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1850pts. escalation Eldar vs. Necrons
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