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 1850pts. Escalation GK vs. Eldar.

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PostSubject: 1850pts. Escalation GK vs. Eldar.    Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:06 am

So, I'm not likely to have my Titan before Saturday so I had to put something together that I felt could stand up to something as lethal as the big daddy Revenant. I think I succeeded.

I got a game in vs. my personal Eldar 1850 Escalation list. It's a Revenant, Jetseer, Jettarch, x3 units of jetbikes, x3 Crimson Hunters, and a Void Shield Generator.

I took out my favorite codex of all time and gave it a once-over. I then sat back and thought, "what would Matt Ward do?" So, I fired up Stormcrons! What is Stormcrons? Coteaz, x3 Storm Ravens, x3 Psyfleman Dreds, x6 3-man units of Acolytes, a Void Shield Generator (3vs), an Overlord with semiweave, warscythe, mindshackles, x2 night scythes w/x5 warriors, and an Annihalation barge. That's x8 scoring units, x5 in flyers, my Warlord is tucked "safely" in a flyer and I have a Void Shield Generator protecting up to x4 heavy support units. 75% of them able to hit pretty much the entire board and nearly everything is twin linked.

So, we rolled up BAO mission #3, Big Guns Never Tire, and The Relic. We had Hammer and Anvil deployment, no night fighting either turn, I got the warlord trait that lets me not scatter if I deepstrike withing 12" of his LoW. (yeah right!) I won first turn and took it.

MT1: I castled my deployment to my righthand side. That had the best LOS blocking terrain so I added my VSG to that side to force my opponent to move his Revenant up the field and away from his own sheilds or he wouldn't see my little scoring unit tucked up behind. All the Dreds I spred out on 2nd story ledges or better. I wanted to pepper those VS's down before he even had a turn. Kinda making him understand coming to play in my side of the board was his only option. I also wanted him away from that farseer and his buffs. Hoping that those blasts would prove in accurate as I've seen them to be without Guide or Prescience. I baited him to my AB for a taste of FB...I didn't want to do it but I thought he'd go for it. In the meantime, my x3 Dreds KO'd all 3 shields!

HT1: Poof!!! There he went. After getting his buffs, the Revenant came to play indeed. Taking out my AB for FB as well as wiping out a unit of acolytes. (he moved into my bubble).

MT2: Well, it's on now!!! I got a Revenant in my face and I need some clutch reserves to help me bring this dude down...I get one Storm Raven. I do have to say, the psyfleman dreds are made to take down Revenants! They alone took off 5 HPs, the Raven took off another 3! Leaving it with one more. I'm pretty stoked. He rolled a ton of 3's but by having moved, his shield wasn't much use. I did roll up an explodes! resault to boost those HPs by the Raven's MultiMelta.

HT2: His dice continue to roll low. Too low infact to bring in anything with the auratarch's help but a single unit of jetbikes. They boosted to parts unseen. Knowing death is just a bucket full of TwinLinked Psybolt boosted Autocannon shots away, the Revenant moves to where once exploded, he'll nail at least one dred and one more unit of acolytes. He does infact drop two different dreds for his trouble.

MT3: I get both units of scythes in and one SR. (not coteaz's ride). The Raven promptly blows up the Revenant with it's MM but the blasts' scatter is favorable...leaving my last dred alive but wiping out a unit of acolytes. Feeling like my best option is to not give my opponent many...I fly my scythes off the board.

HT3: Everything for him comes in. Jetbikes dance around LOS blocking terrain for the most part. His x3 Crimson hunters come on and head on my Storm Raven. Blows it up, killing all x3 acolytes. This is pretty much the end of the good news for my opponent. He's scredded tons of units. Got FB, x3 Heavy Support kills and likely has enough anti-air to either take Linebreaker/Warlord or both but it's just not to be.

MT4: This is the last turn of significance so I'll end it here. Everything for me comes on. Everything draws a bead on the Crimson Hunters. I manage to take down 2 of them. I've got a dead eye dred that wiped a biker unit despite the 3++ cover save. He's forced to flyoff the board in hopes of coming on and taking out warriors whereever I drop them next turn.

MT5: Ravens hover and drop off the remaining humanity. One has to run on an objecive but they make it to both of his. The necrons drop one off on the relic and another turns and drops one off on my right near the VSG. They too make it on an objective and also cause an unsaved wound to a unit of jetbikes, who promptly break and book it off into no man's land. He scrambles to contest as much as he can. He can't dislodge the relic at all and he can't constest my deployment zone's objectives now that he broke so far away during my turn.

Game went on to 6.

MT6: Storm Ravens went for the Jetseer for Warlord and failed. I did PotMS the MM's into the Crimson Hunter though, taking it down in the process. Warriors double tapped and their scythes helped route all the jetbikes off the board. (the windriders that is). His auratarch tried to dislodge the relic during an assault but he failed to MSS and died after taking a couple warscythe hits to the dome.

Game ended 11-4. I took Primary (Big Guns 4pts) Secondary (Relic 3pts), Linebreaker (1pt), and (3pts for LoW bonus damage VPs). He had First Blood! (1pts) and (3pts) for bonus Big Guns Heavy Support Kills.

Afterthoughts of mine: Dreds were a big surprise. Didn't want to put this out here because of how well they did to the Revenant but that's really not my style. Storm Ravens still rule the air IMO. Very durable and reliable. It did get interesting Turn 4 as I found myself out of position for a T5 troop drop w/out risk of not making it but they did end up making it.

Afterthoughts of doug: List needs more power deployed. Having to move the Revenant up to get FB or secure kills from bouncing off of Void Shields is annoying. The Crimson Hunters in triplicate was overkill. (that's two games like that now). 160pts per is about the only wiggle room the list has to get some dakka deployed. Was a fun list.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850pts. Escalation GK vs. Eldar.    Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:53 am

Sounds like you should do fairly well this weekend....good luck!


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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1850pts. Escalation GK vs. Eldar.
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