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 FW Apoc Book

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PostSubject: FW Apoc Book   Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:54 am

If anyone is interested, I can post additional info about the FW Apocalypse book. I ordered it directly from FW and it arrived within 7 days of me placing the order.

Overall, the FW books are nicely done. The page size is larger than the pages in a GW codex. Each model gets its own page with a desc, stats and full color photo. A couple of the larger models have a full two pages.

I focused on the Daemons right away because of my interest in the Daemon Lords as Lords of War options. They all look like loads of fun to play especially the Khorne and Tzeetch daemons. All gain a 3+ invuln with various armor saves.

The two FW princes (Nurgle and Khorne) are assigned unique characters with their own stats and HQ choices. The Plague Hulk has its own stats, which appear as a variation of the soul grinder. I found this interesting because I own one, and I planned to use as a soul grinder marked by Nurgle. Every FW model on the site (Warhammer 40,000 • Chaos • DAEMONS AND BEASTS) is given stats and some with the 40,000 approved stamp.

The Nids have the big bugs and the Malanthrope. Interesting, it is not a psycher.
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FW Apoc Book
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