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 A FAQ For Our Times?

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PostSubject: A FAQ For Our Times?   Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:17 am

Posted by AbusePuppy

6th Edition has problems.

That's not a startling or revolutionary statement; that's a generally-accepted fact at this point. Even the most hardline of “play it like it is” folks out there have largely come to terms with the fact that the game, straight from the box, is not really playable. There are lots of solutions floating around or varying viability- some are just minor tweaks, some are major rewrites, but most all of them look to contain a couple major problems, namely the units with 2+ rerollable saves and Str D weapons (in particular those from Lords of War.) Compounding this problem is the fact that Games Workshop has not released an update to its FAQs in over a year and counting, nor do they seem likely to do so in the near future. There are issues that have been standing for months or years now and there are new issues that have very little consensus on how to handle them.

So, at the risk of becoming one more point in a vast array of proposed solutions, here are the FAQs and changes that my group will be using. Perhaps you and yours may find them helpful as well.

An army may be constructed from any codices currently published, whether physical or electronic, as well as any of the supplements or dataslates available, with the exception of Escalation. Please note, however, that special detachments (such as the Inquisition, Knights, Legion of the Damned, dataslate formations, and so on) will be counted towards your Ally detachment as normal and thus will preclude taking any other ally (unless they are the primary detachment for the army.)


Warhammer 40K Rulebook, p.23, “Start of Initiative Pile-In”
Delete the text about ending the combat if pile-in moves do not bring models into base combat during an initiative step in the third paragraph.

Codex: Chaos Daemons, p.65, “Grimoire of True Names”
Change the last line of the final paragraph to the following: “On a score of 3-6, the bearer has successfully followed through on his intentions to empower his allies- all Daemon models (excluding the bearer of the Grimoire of True Names) in the unit have a +2 to their invulnerable save from the Daemon special rule until the start of your next movement phase.”

Codex: Chaos Daemons, p.40, “Burning Chariot”
Under Daemonic Gifts, change the parenthetical text to read “(Burning Chariot only)”.

Codex: Eldar, p.71, “Fortune”
Change rules text to the following: “Fortune is a blessing that targets a single friendly unit within 24″. Choose one type of save (armor, cover or invulnerable); while the power is in effect, the target can reroll all failed saves of the chosen type and all Deny the Witch rolls.”

Codex: Tyranids, p.48, “Tervigon”
Add (character) to the unit type.

Codex: Tau Empire, p.48, “Pulse Bomb Generator”
Add the following final sentence: “A model with a Pulse Bomb Generator starts the game equipped with one Pulse Bomb.”

Q: Am I allowed to take more than one of the unique Artefacts, Relics, etc from my gear list?
A: So long as you abide by all other restrictions, yes.

Q: If a model has a rule or wargear that allows them to fire multiple weapons during the shooting phase, can they use it to fire multiple weapons during Overwatch, for Interceptor, or in other situations?
A: Yes, unless it states otherwise.

Q: When making a Vector Strike, what part of the unit must pass over the enemy in order for them to be a legal target, the base or the entire model?
A: Any part of the model, as per the rule's text. Note that this is true for both Flying Monstrous Creatures as well as Flyers.

Q: If a flying monstrous creature chooses to Swoop and moves off the table into Ongoing Reserves, can I choose to Deep Strike onto the board?
A: No, like a flyer it will have to move onto the board by Swooping again.

Q: Can I declare a charge against a Gun Emplacement?
A: No. Attacks can be allocated to them if one is nearby during a combat, but you cannot declare a charge against it.

Q: If a character with the Infiltrate rule joins a squad without it, may the squad set up using the Infiltrate special deployment?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens if models locked in close combat fail a Morale check outside of the assault phase (e.g. after having Terrify cast on them)?
A: The unit will make its fallback move as normal. Enemies may not make a Sweeping Advance, but if they are no longer locked in combat, they may then consolidate.

Q: If I cast a particular Malediction on a unit more than once (from different sources), do the effects stack?
A: Yes, unless noted otherwise.

Q: Can I use Vector Strike or special deployment modes like Skies of Fury if my flyer chooses to leave combat airspace?
A: Yes.

Q: Where are range and Line of Sight measured when casting a psychic power from a Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers unit?
A: Treat the power as being manifested by a squad member of your choice.

Q: When placing a template from a weapon with the Torrent special rule, do I have to cover as many models from the target as possible as I do with a normal template?
A: Yes.

Q: If I am standing in area terrain and obscured by a piece of 4+ cover when I go to ground, can the +2 bonus apply to that cover save?
A: Yes. The bonus when going to ground is not specific to the cover save granted by area terrain.

Q: Does a Drop Pod or other vehicle that begins the game Immobilized lose a Hull Point for this?
A: No.

Q: When a model replaces a weapon as part of an upgrade, can they replace a weapon gained as part of a Bike or Jetbike upgrade, such as a twin-linked Bolter or Shuriken Catapult?
A: Yes, as these are still weapons the model is equipped with.

Q: If a unit is hit multiple times by weapons with the Blind rule, will they be forced to take multiple Initiative tests?
A: Yes, they will have to take one test for each separate weapon or model they are struck by.

Q: Does a unit have to be composed entirely of Jet Packs to make a Thrust move during the assault phase?
A: No; each model will move at its normal speed, as with other movement.

Q: Can results from the Warp Storm table affect units inside buildings or vehicles?
A: No.

Q: If a unit of Pink Horrors are created midway through the game, do I roll to generate psychic powers for them immediately?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use Kairos's Staff of Tomorrows to reroll dice when he is not on the table?
A: No. Unless otherwise specified, models not on the table cannot use their gear or rules.

Q: Are the effects of the Disruptive Song special rule cumulative?
A: Yes, to a minimum of Leadership 2.

Q: Can a unit's Feel No Pain roll be increased to 1+ or better (i.e. an automatic success) by Warpflame?
A: No, it cannot. Like saves, the roll to negate a wound with Feel No Pain always fails on a natural '1′ on the die.

Q: If a Daemon of Tzeentch has both its +3 bonus and a penalty from another source (e.g. The Aegis, Shadow in the Warp, etc) acting on it at the same time, how are they applied?
A: Sum up the total bonuses and penalties and then apply them to its base stat. So, for example, a Lord of Change (Ld9), which has the Daemon of Tzeentch rule (+3 Ld) and is targeting a unit with The Aegis (-1 Ld) will have a net +2 modifier, for a final Leadership value of 10.

Q: If a character transforms into a Chaos Spawn or Daemon Prince as a result of a roll on the Chaos Boon table, does it keep any previous Boons I have rolled?
A: Yes. The effects of Boons last for the remainder of the game.

Q: If I have a model with the Champion of Chaos rule and another without it at the beginning of a round of combat, am I allowed to declare a challenge with the non-Champion model?
A: Yes. However, if you do not do so, the Champion will still be forced to challenge as normal.

Q: If I am using the Iyanden codex, may I choose to select my relics from the standard Eldar book?
A: No, you must choose them from the Iyanden list.

Q: What happens if a superheavy walker attempts to move through difficult terrain?
A: Since it has the Move Through Cover rule, it will roll 3d6 and take the highest die, then double it.

Q: Can I make Look Out, Sir! rolls against wounds caused by Str D weapons? If so, how is this done?
A: Yes, you may. Each successful LOS! roll for a character will re-allocate one result from the Destroyer Table to the nearest model, as appropriate. (All of the wounds caused will be done to that model, as with other hits from Str D weapons- do not allocate each of the d3+1 or d6+6 wounds to a separate model in the squad!) Wounds (or automatic casualties) from a Stomp attack can also be re-allocated in the same way.

Q: If a Vector Strike, Barrage weapon, or other effect that always hits side armor strikes a Knight that has set its Ion Shield to the left side or right side facings, how do I determine whether or not the Shield applies?
A: Determine whether the attacker is left of the Knight's “centerline” or to its right, then use the appropriate side armor. If the determination is unclear, randomize between the two.

Q: If a unit is tied for majority armor save, how are Grav weapon wound results resolved?
A: Use the highest (i.e. worst) armor save from the unit, just as you would when wounding against any other characteristic.

Q: Can saves be taken against the Immobilized result from a Grav weapon? What happens if multiple Immobilizes are caused?
A: Vehicles may take any saves they have (cover or invulnerable) against the damage result, just as they would from a normal penetrating/glancing hit. Successive Immobilizes will cause the vehicle to lose an second HP each, just as with any vehicle that suffers additional Immobilize results.

Q: If a blast marker lands so that five models are underneath it and all of them are under a Projected Void Shield, how many hits are caused on the Shield?
A: Five.

Q: If I have wargear or weapons that cause a special effect on a hit (such as generating Markerlight tokens or causing other units to reroll misses against the target), what happens if my hits are resolved against a Void Shield?
A: The effects will apply to the models originally fired at, not the Void Shield.

Q: Can I take cover or other saves for a Void Shield?
A: No. A Void Shield is not a model and cannot qualify for any of the conditions for getting a save.

Q: If a unit's shooting hits multiple targets protected by a Projected Void Shield, who determines the order the hits are resolved against it?
A: The active player gets to choose, as normal.

Q: Can Grav weapons affect a Void Shield?
A: Yes. Each Immobilize result rolled will remove one layer of Void Shielding, just as if it were a glancing/penetrating hit.

Q: If I have a unit consisting of some Tau models and some non-Tau models, am I allowed to expend Markerlight tokens to benefit the unit when it shoots?
A: Yes, but only the Tau models will be affected by the bonuses.

Q: If a Tau player chooses to use the Supporting Fire rule, how are the multiple Overwatch results resolved?
A: Resolve them exactly like you would a multiple assault- the controlling player picks one unit, resolves all of its Overwatch shots, then proceeds to the next until they cannot or do not wish to shoot with any further units.

Q: If I am using a Farsight Enclave army, am I allowed to take an allied detachment with Commander Shadowsun?
A: No, although a Tau Empire army that takes Farsight Enclave allies is free to use her in their primary detachment.

Q: If one of my models equipped with a Target Lock is firing Overwatch or Interceptor shots, am I allowed to pick a different target for its shots?
A: No, unless that unit also would have qualified as a legal target for the original attack. Only assaulting models can be shot during Overwatch, and only models arrived from reserve can be shot during Interceptor attacks.

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PostSubject: Re: A FAQ For Our Times?   Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:02 pm

Mostly good. I'd accept it for tournament play. But, if a new edition is just around the corner, I'm not sure why anyone would do this.

Only sticking point I see is Fateweaver's Staff of tomorrow is not an ability of the model. It is granted to the player. But, as I almost never reserve him, it won't really affect me.
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PostSubject: Re: A FAQ For Our Times?   Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:54 pm

From what I have seen about 7th edition is there will be no major changes to the core rule set just bringing in line all the latest additions (escalation, stronghold, ect.) and putting them all in the main rule book.

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PostSubject: Re: A FAQ For Our Times?   

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A FAQ For Our Times?
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