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 FoW...Pricing Down Under

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PostSubject: FoW...Pricing Down Under   Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:31 pm

While this doesn't reflect any real change for the U.S. it's the idea that BF is paying attention to the world around them and are making adjustments that benefit the populace. I'm sure there is some benefit for BattleFront, but still how many times do you here of prices going down  Smile 

Pricing Down Under

When you saw the title of this article you probably groaned and thought “Great! Prices are going up.” But I am pleased to tell you that today’s news is the good kind.  We are lowering prices. Yes, you read that right. We are lowering the RRP prices for our entire range in New Zealand and Australia.
Over the years we have tried to keep local pricing balanced with currencies around the world, in order to give retail stores a fixed return on what they sell. No matter how hard you try, there is no getting away from global economics and the fact that real currency conversion is going on all the time. For many things this is not a problem as you can’t buy a Big Mac or a new car and have it shipped to your house in the mail. But in our industry, that is not the case.

This reality has led us to make a fundamental decision for the pricing in New Zealand and Australia. As of the 1 May 2014 we will stop using the New Zealand and Australian dollar price lists and have both territories use the US dollar price list we have established for North America. This means that your local store will be able to sell you products at exactly the same price that you could buy it for if you walked into any store in the United States.

To illustrate this point, here is the current price for a standard vehicle blister like a Sherman or Panzer IV. The current pricing in New Zealand and Australian dollar is shown besides the current US pricing:

Price Code
US Dollars                 $12.50
Australian Dollars       $13.50
New Zealand Dollars    $17.00

On 1 May 2014 the US pricing will take effect and your local prices will drop to the US equivalent. This means that retail prices in both markets will go down across the board. The percentage amount varies but every price will be lower than it is currently. The rolling-out of this plan will mean that retail stores will be getting new price lists next week and our web store will be changing so that all customers in this part of the world will be charged in US dollars.
Have a good Easter.
~ John-Paul.

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FoW...Pricing Down Under
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