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 CAG test IG v DE

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PostSubject: CAG test IG v DE   Fri May 20, 2011 8:00 pm

Okay, though I'm not playing...Edge wanted a game in before CAG v my DE.

His 1850
CCS Melta/Flame w-MOtF
2x Melta/Flame vets
Vendetta w Hvy Bolters
2x Plasma/Flame vets
Chimera w/Flamer
LRuss w/Plasma+hvy flm
LRuss w/Plasma+hvy flm
LRuss Eradicator w/3x Hvy Flm
Vendetta w Hvy Bolters

Archon (agon/SF)
Haemonc (webway)
Haemonc (webway)
2x 3 Trueborn (3x blasters)
2x 5 Warriors w/Blaster
Raider (1 w/flickerfield)
2x 5 Wracks
5 Wracks
8 Wyches
Raider (flickerfield)
Beast Unit (5 masters, 6 RW, 8 Khym)
6 Reavers w/2 Lance
Ravager w/Flickerfield
Ravager w/Flickerfield

3 objectives, Spearhead.

I won roll to go first, set up to pivot and barrel in.
He deployed with backfield Russes (out of 36”) and all chimera units on board (to left, and right of the center). Reserved all Vendettas and the Eradicator.

...and he seized.

-no reason to go into details. His first turn of shooting, and on time/on target priority/movement capitalized on every possible advantage engendered by seizing.
It was a textbook 'grab', and executed flawlessly. If anything was sub-par, it was the preponderance of flame units he couldn't capitalize on due to extreme range.
It devolved rapidly, and was over by turn 3. I had lost any real ability to deal damage by the bottom of turn 2. I conceded, in the interest of getting in a second game.

Lesson learned, DE cannot survive vs IG if initiative is lost...I can blame dice, and did (vehemently, and with great vigour)...but simple truth, IG will PUNISH the snot out of a fragile/fast army deployed to go first when that is lost.
-ramping up for the second game, we ended up with pretty much the same corners and setup deployment. He chose to put a Vendetta in the furthest point of his corner, behind all three Russ’s. His only reserves this game were the two Vendetta Vets who were coming in for std reserves.
I prepared to dive into his center…
And he seized the initiative…again.
I cursed…I think I gnashed teeth and rended clothing, but I certainly cursed.

In the interest of having an interesting game, Edge suggested we treat it as a failed seize attempt.
So we implemented.

Turn 1
I went, pushing 3 Raiders up the center Flat-out, followed by the two venoms (with Haemoncs on board). Archon and Wyches to my right, a warrior unit to my left and the mounted Wracks right up the center. The mounted Warrior backfield hopped up the middle at cruising speed. The Ravagers moved onto the central terrain piece, and began to fire. I managed to immobilize the backfield Vendetta, and stun a LRuss. The shooting WarriorRaider shook another.

He cruised forward and opened fire. I managed to weather the fire fairly well, only losing the Archon/Wych Raider. Subsequent fire reduced that unit to two wyches and the archon. Flat out saves, and Flickerfields, saved my arse (unlike the prior engagement).

Reserves for both of us flowed normally. I lost vehicles at a decent(for me) rate. I managed to minimize un-covered fire to critical units most of the game. I had extreme difficulty killing IG vehicles until turns 4/5. Positioning for my first move kept him in his own corner, for the most part, and my vehicles staying alive made that worse. Turn 3 saw the immobilization of the majority of my vehicles (or their loss), and the winnowing of my foot-pounders. I was seeing a shift that was unfavorable, but it wasn’t over yet.

Turn 5
My beasts came in last turn, and this turn they began to wreak havoc. Not so much their damage, as they didn’t do a GREAT deal in any one turn. Their ability to dart about, with a HUGE footprint and threat range, made the game. They dealt with a vehicle, and one of his last troops. As with my beasts, both his Vendettas had come in over turns 4/5, contributing to the immobilization (or loss) of every vehicle but a single raider.

Turn 6
One vendetta dropped (immobile), the other popped, and his last troops died. I also managed to finish the final LRuss, and kill his Company Commander (who managed to hold, almost single-handedly, an Archon in CC for 5-ish consecutive CC phases).
Without troops, or mobility, he lost…but it was very close. I had 2 objectives, of four…and would have had only ONE if the CompCommander had lived another round of CC.
At the end, I had ONE mobile Raider, one immobilized Raider and a Ravager (for vehicles). He had a stunned Chimmy and an immobile Vendy.
It was NOT a good day to be armour… 

Note that I did NOT win this game, as the initiative had been seized by Edge…but we chose to make it more interesting. With that graceful gimme, I was able to at least retain my dignity…if not my temper! Very Happy

I recommended he replace the Eradicator, and he decided he wanted to step up the mid-range fire…which I think he’s going to do.
As far as tactics go, he was nigh-flawless.

Still, very good games.
I did learn some interesting things for myself.
The army was a little more resilient than I expected. De-meched, a few of my units survived far longer than expected.
The Reavers did as they were commanded, and then died…I keep forgetting the damned ‘eldar’-jetbike assault move. That may have kept them alive another turn. Stooopid…guh.
I still love my venoms, even when they don’t really have infantry to abuse, they do deliver what I like.
I really want the Razowing fighters to come out ASAP. I just want to play with them, change things up a bit.
I want more Wyches, and I’m going to stick them back in the Web like I have been for so long. Probably going to go back to 2x Wyches.
I’m a crabby bitch when my Dining Room ceiling is starting to cave in! Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: CAG test IG v DE   Fri May 20, 2011 8:42 pm

Nice report. I had actually talked to Edge earlier and he gave me the low down. When he told me he siezed the second time I about shit Shocked . Lets hope I don't run into that situation tomorrow. No

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PostSubject: Re: CAG test IG v DE   Sun May 22, 2011 8:25 am

Thanks EAP.
I didn't run into DE at the tourney, but the practice against 'fast' builds was a necessity.

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PostSubject: Re: CAG test IG v DE   

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CAG test IG v DE
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