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 Nova Testing

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PostSubject: Nova Testing   Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:49 pm

Just want to own up and share with the club that Mike has been helping me test some worst case match ups with me since I am going to NOVA... What this actually means is that Mike has now punched me in the nuts with Grey Knights twice, and now DE Venom Spam... (He even casually live blogged our first game while he threw dice and pointed at models I had to pick up LMAO)

I have learned a ton about what to expect and will be licking my wounds trying to heal up before Nova. =P

I appreciate the help EAP!!!! Although my pride doesn't think it was such a good idea at this point. lol.

My thoughts on what I learned will end up on my blog and my list tweaks in my demon thoughts series I have begun on my blog this week.

Mike is a jerk though..... j/king...
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Nova Testing
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