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 EGC batrep synopses

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PostSubject: EGC batrep synopses   Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:12 am

Okay, 1850pts at EGC.
3 rounds using a primary/secondary/tertiary system with 48 possible points per round. (20/15/10 and up to 3 bonus pts)

My list
Xenos Inq (psykotroke+rad grenades)
10 Purifiers
2x 5 GKSS
2x Psiback
2x 5 Henchmen (double plas)
2x Chimera
2x 5 Henchmen (double melta)
2x Chimera

1st round (from memory) opponent ; name(forgot, dammit, 'dreadlocks')
4x 5 Dire Avengers
wave serpents (I believe all serpents had Shuriken)
3 man bikers
2x 5(6?) Fire Dragons
Wave serpent (lances?)+ Falcon (pulse/EML)
1x 9(10?) banshees
Serpent (lances?)
2x Fire Prism

Deployment; Pitched
Primary, KP

lost roll to go first, opponent deployed refused flank...I mirrored him opposite corner utilizing terrain to provide cover to all my units.
I seized (Emperor love Coteaz).

My first round fire only netted the main gun and mobility off of the 2nd fire prism.
I moved into the middle, offset toward my dep zone, and turtled with slow but steady advancement further into the center as the game progressed.
My goal was to provide very few avenues of travel to acquire side armour shots on Chimera, and shoot my arse off...which I did.
Long and short of it, I missed a GREAT deal (only successfully hitting with 3 out of six Vindicare shots the entire game, only ONE of which immobilized a vehicle, the other shots producing very little, if any, effect). My only vehicle kills were produced by Psiflemen...but they accounted for all but two of his vehicles throughout the game (all the way to turn 6, the surviving two were gunless and immobilized).
He, on the other hand, nearly hit with every shot...but could only manage shaken, stunned or immobilized results consistently (leaving me with 2 immobile, and one shaken, vehicle at end of game).
No mistakes from either party, it was just a grind boiling down to dice...my hits were telling, though infrequent.
I didn't get tertiary (wipe out all troops) but netted:


2nd opponent; JT (Makari's bro)
Grey Knights, Draigo-Bomb
Paladin squad fully tooled
StormRaven (fully kitted, MM/Lascannon/Hurricane Bolters)
Paladin squad fully tooled
Paladin squad fully tooled

Deployment; DoW
Primary; roll to see at top of 4 (either Table Quarters/Table Center/Terrain Features)

I won roll, chose second.

Quick game, I rolled on with my first move and had no targets, he rolled on and jammed the 'raven up the middle with two other Pallie squads outflanking (which forced me to run the middle, to stay out of charge range of the 'flankers). After a realization that I moved a-typically (up to the 12" mark, when I normally only go to the 10" mark under these circumstances against SRavens), he blew up Coteaz's chimera with the MM).
Vindicare failed me again, but psiflemen blew up the 'raven quickly (and by quickly, I mean the 2nd to last hit from the third dread, desperately praying as none of my melta were in range...damned flat-out cover).
Vindicator failed me again, as the only shot it got bounced off a cover save.
Outflankers came on turns 2 and three, as I poured everything I had into Draigo's unit trying to prevent the inevitable (which I did, but barely). The outflankers fire into vehicles blew up something every turn, as my 2nd and 3rd errors bit me in the ass.
I made 3 errors in this game, ALL of them were just stoopid...and I gotta thank John for 'illuminating' me...and I'll get into them after the 'reps.
The weight of fire just drug him down slowly, and with not enough targets for him to diffuse my attention, the game just wasn't with him.
Couple that with the roll at the beginning of turn 4 (resulting in the 12" of center Victory Condition), he was put out of position for a win. The game ended round 5.


3rd opponent; Brian L

Fatecrusher Daemons
Khorne GD
3 4x Bloodcrushers (max allocation)
Plaguebearers (number of units I do not recall)
Horrors with Changeling
Seekers (big unit)
3x Tzeentch bolty doom DPs

Deployment; Spearhead
Primary; 4x objectives

I won roll for first, and chose the typical 2nd. After my dep, and looking at things, I chose to 'seize' and succeeded. I needed to see the way my forces layed out relative to the terrain.
Seemed kinda weird to Brian, but I needed to grab ground and project my 'warp quakes' more than what I liked seeing after deployment.

Another grinder. Brian only made one error the entire game, visually gauging a distance from a vehicle hull (for a previously cast warp-quake) not noting the unit which had cast it (that HAD been on board at the time of casting) was disembarked (and backed up from footprint) after an assault. The resultant precise drop of his GDoKhorne ended up a quarter-inch withing range of the 'quake, and mishap killed it.

This game was just a chore for him, as he tried to chew up an army that really has nearly all the advantages in its favor.
He made a grand game of it, and never lost hope. No decisions on his part were just throw aways, even when playing from severe defecit after turn 4. All the way to the last turn before it ended.

WIN/48 pts

Overall; 1st place...
With Makari following up 3 points behind me (in second place, behind me where he belongs Twisted Evil )

Errors I made ranged from relatively minor, to punishing, to egregiously stoopid....so from the top;

Just because you are in a habit, don't assume you did it...GAH!
I ALWAYS advance forward a few inches short in certain circumstances. Against Stormravens with DoW Deployment it's a given....and damned if I didn't move right up to 12" and then inform John that there was 'no way he was in range with that MM'. Now, in my defense that was partially due to his error of using his base for the 24" break, as opposed to hull, but after he backed it up a bit (minor, and easily made, error on his part...no big) I was still convinced, and then VERY chagrined when it was right on 12"... Embarassed ...thanks for being forgiving, John.
We both made movement errors, we both were adamant we weren't wrong (briefly) and we both backed down upon realization. As rules arguments go, it was pretty damned quick and easy to resolve! (and we smiled the rest of the game). Very Happy

I was severely punished for this one.
Since the GK codex came out, I have been playing with Psycannon heavy lists.
Since the first codex came out, I did the same.
Somehow, I cannot seem to read.
I have now been playing, until my second round yesterday, standard psycannon at strength 6.
I just NEVER registered the strength bump between the two codices. My brain just glossed over it.
I just didn't believe John when he told me, til he showed me. Had I had more room behind me, I would have just sat down and shook my head...as it was, I just kinda wanted to walk away and crawl into a corner. That was BEYOND stoopid of me, and lasted for what...6mo since the 'dex came out?
John looked at me like I was an idiot (briefly) when I queried it.
And then continued to blow up vehicles like straw houses with his Str-7 Pcannon...gawdammit, I'm rereading all my codices...
Sometimes, previous editionitis will bite me in the ass, but this one took out a whole cheek~! Embarassed Mad Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Thanks for the lesson, John.

Okay, so then for even more stoopid...and again relates to my second match, but was VERY much abusing myself.
So, when a player looks you square in the eye and gives you the 'WTF' look for the second time...look it up in the gawdamn book.
As he blasted my vehicles, and rolled rends, I informed him...in no uncertain terms...that his rending hits turned the Psycannon shots into AP-1. He genuinely asked 'are you sure'...I said yes...and he gleefully blew up more vehicles as the 4 and 5 results after rend just piled on.
I crossed it in my head with the last edition again, and just translated it over to his psycannon...and cried as metal shards flew across my now exposed troops.
I have been WAY outta the loop...this baby is sucking my brains...

But, other than a great deal of embarrassment over teh stoopids I had game 2, I had a frikkin blast.

I think they're running one in January (correct me if I'm wrong, Edge),
I'm going to try to attend.

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PostSubject: Re: EGC batrep synopses   Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:28 pm

Good batreps EAP.

As far as the "stoopids", shake it off... I have "brainfarts" all the time. Combined with doing "crunches" usually when I play, I tend to forget or confuse myself at times.

Congrats anyway for the win man!

BTW, what was the turnout #? Was it mostly attended by ML members?


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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Exitus Acta Probat


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PostSubject: Re: EGC batrep synopses   Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:41 pm

I THINK it started with 16 players,
one dropped (family minor-emergency) and the lowest scorer was dropped to round out the even numbers, so ended at 14 (or it was 14 then 12).
ML members in attendance were
Myself (I believe that was it, if I missed someone I'm sorry...and pleading new-baby brain-cramps still)

as far as the stoopids, I am not stressed about the movement/rending issues as much as missing a key part of my 'dex, and running my psycannon str-6 for nigh 6 months. It's a bad sign of reading-lazy, and I have to kick myself for that. (fortunately, all of the idiotic errors punished me)

oh, and Wayno poked his nose in to say hi to everybody! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: EGC batrep synopses   

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EGC batrep synopses
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