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 EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis

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PostSubject: EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis   Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:40 am

Okay, so I went totally off the cuff and grabbed a list the morning of.
(wanted to finish my non-mech/no-psiflemen GK for this one, but baby-sabotage prevented).

My BA list;
Librarian (blood lance/shield)

Sanguinary Priest (terminator armour)
10x Terminators (2x cyclone/2x chainfist)

5x RAS (meltagun/melta bomb sgt)
LasPlas Razorback (HK)
5x RAS (meltagun/melta bomb sgt)
LasPlas Razorback (HK)
5x RAS (meltagun/melta bomb sgt)
TwinLas Razorback (HK)
5x RAS (meltagun/melta bomb sgt)
TwinLas Razorback (HK)

Baal Predator (Asscannon)
Baal Predator (Asscannon)

AutoLas Predator
(all had Dozer Blades and Searchlights plus some other gear)

Missions from this link (http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2011/201140Kchamps.pdf)
in order, the first three.
Scoring was a bit unclear(didn't totally seem to jive with the Adepticon scoring), but it appeared to be WIN= more of the three objectives than opponent. Bonus/Tiebreakers=total objectives/VPs.

1st mission; Spearhead, mission 1 from link.
opponent (Jan ?)
Logan Pod Space Wolves.
5x Wolf Guard (2x pwr armour/pwr wpn; termies, mixed with one cyclone)
5x Wolf Guard (1x pwr armour/pwr wpn; termies, Storm shields and PwrWpns/Thunder Hammers)
Dreadnought (Asscannon/hvy flamer)
9x Grey Hunters (plasma gun, attached pwr arm WG)
9x Grey Hunters (plasma gun, attached pwr arm WG)
9x Grey Hunters (plasma gun, attached pwr arm WG)

I won the roll for player one, deferred. He deployed nothing (surprise-face Very Happy ) and gave me my leftmost corner (spearhead), I turtled with forward placed terminator bubble wrap. I did not attempt to seize.
Top turn 1-he had no where to drop but roughly center, and did so. He dropped his 3 GH squads. His fire netted nothing (slightly below average rolling, coupled with an overheat and good cover saves on my termies).
Bottom turn 1-I shifted further away (and up my short table edge) with vehicles, while pushing the terminators forward. Fire nearly wiped out a GH squad, terminators assaulted and finished them.

Top turn 2-NO RESERVES FOR YOU! He shifted the 2 remaining GH squads into cover/firing positions, and fired again. With razorbacks netting cover, AV-13 closer, and termies in cover...his plasma netted a single shaken Razorback.
Bottom turn 2-I put another GH squad out of its misery with shooting, while repositioning for his anticipated turn 3 drops.

Top turn 3-Logan's squad, and Dreadnought arrive...and Logan's pod promptly scatters off table. Mishap results in; back to reserves! Dread fire is stuck engaging terminators OR AV-13. Nets 3 wounds on Terminators, who promptly save/FNP.
Bottom turn 3-I shift to engage final GH squad, and Dread. Dread wrecked, GH reduced to 3 models, one Drop Pod explodes.

Top turn 4-Everything comes in safely. With my shifting, his cyclone is stuck engaging 1 razor, AV-13 or terminators. He gives Tank Hunter, hits the side of a Razor...and gets a 'shaken'. Assault terminators run forward.
Bottom turn 4- I shift terminators to wrap vs his Assault Termies, and blow Logan's squad out from under him...also placing a single wound on Logan. I boost two razors out of my corner, hugging the long table edge, positioning to get my HQ into 6" of table center for rd 5 and get troops into other quarters. I also kill one assault terminator.

Top turn 5-He shoots a little, nets nothing. He assaults my terminators with his. pretty much a drawn combat! Shocked (we each lost 2-ish)
Bottom turn 5-I blow two more pods, wipe the last of the GH's, get logan down to 1 wound. Assault sees me with 4 termies (and the priest) remaining, with all his terminators dead.

Roll ends game.
I get all 3 objectives, and somewhere around 1400vps.
Good game, game him some advice for adjusting his build/tactics for better application...we had fun, and he was VERY pleasant. Jan is a really good guy, and has a great deal of potential! mid to late 40's, and his son was also there!

Game 2 (pitched battle) mission two from link.
opponent, Kevin Kirby.

His list (approximately)
Overlord (staff of light)
2x courts
each with; Transmog, Chrono, Veil, 2x destruction
5x warriors
5x warriors
5x(or a few more) Tesla-mortals
5x(or a few more) Tesla-mortals
6x Deathmarks
6x Deathmarks
10x Scarabs
10x Scarabs
10x Scarabs
3x annihilation barges

He won the roll, we stayed on our respective table sides.
It was a grinder. I won't break it down by turns, there was a GREAT deal going on each round...and a whole lot of little-result as well!

no seize. I refused flank, after he set up to manage his entire board (reserving deathmarks and a unit of warriors, with attached veil/template 'teks. I managed to illuminate, and then wipe, his closest scarab unit 1st turn.
with a steady shift forward and left, spotlight illumes and shooting, and a CC with termies vs 2nd Scarab Swarm, I had 5 of my KPs (8 threshold vs him) by turn 3, he had none.
Turn 4 and Imotekh's lightning finally pays off, blowing up a key-postioned Razor and a Baal. Other Baal dies to final Scarab swarm (deep into my lines now, but reduced to 5 bases).
Turn 5 ends the 'storm' & nets me the last of the Barges, the last of the scarabs, another unit of Deathmarks (1st one died to termies rd 3) plus a full push into his dep zone.

Ends due to time, with me winning all 3 objectives (barely on tactical markers, cleanly on KP and enemy dep zone occupation).
His Eldritch blasts failed to kill a single vehicle, and the Annihilation barges were truly un-inspiring (even with multiple 6's and a few arcs). He also never managed to pop off Imotekh's lance, but the lightning storm/night fight kept chugging along for him! (he only needed to use the chrono once, turn 4, to keep it up...failed the reroll on 5).

Game 3 (pitched battle) mission 3 from link.
opponent, Justin(?).

His list (approximately).
KFF Mech
5x Meganobz
19 sluggas
30 shootas
30 shootas
30 shootas
3x rokkit kans
3x zooka kans (sorry, one with skorcha)
2x rolla wagonz

again, no real turn breakdown. I won the roll, chose first. placed centrally, but slightly spread. he did the same, reserving a unit of shootas.
Turn items of note;
turn one, pop a unit of kans, and then put 2 pens into a wagon...both pens saved.
turn two, put 3 pens and 2 glances into a wagon, all 5 save
turn 3, put 2 pens and 2 glances into a wagon, all 4 save
turn 3, also put massive fire into exposed sluggas...MASSIVE. makes 60+ % of 5+ cover saves. Then makes cybork body save on warboss vs wound from Libby force-weapon.

Turn one, kills a FNP termie from two Big Shoota shots.
Turn two, hits with 56% of fire from shoota boy mob (2/3 in range) on same termies...wounds approx 70%...and I lose 3 more.
Turn 3, assault into termies wipes them...for a loss of FOUR sluggas.

I concede bottom of three...(failing to do anything to the double rolla-wagons, and them being in ramming range of ALL but one of my vehicles, including marked-for-death squads 'port, next round)
with the dice perpetrating THAT kinda hate, there was no point!!!
Sad Shocked Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Overall had a blast...last game had 'fuzzy-dice' rolling techniques, but didn't really start to question it til late turn 2, and by turn 3 it just didn't matter.
Discussed rolling 'conventions' with opponent after the game.

When scores were announced, I was in 3rd.
Then there was some discussion from 4th place player, and then after review he was bumped up and I was bumped down.
No issues with that, if there was an accounting error...BUT,
I think I need to talk to clint about making certain scoring intent is 100% clear PRIOR to events, as this has caused some confuzzlement at 2 of the last 3 events I attended there.
Still, as usual he goes all out to make certain everybody has fun...pizza...and a good atmosphere, so I can certainly say I love going to EGC, and am gonna make it next time!
(also, next time, no more mister nice-listy!!!) Twisted Evil

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Exitus Acta Probat


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PostSubject: Re: EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis   Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:35 am

now, thoughts about Necrons (after the game with Kirby)...

Eldritch Blast needs greater concentration...Def sticking with my 2x court with 3-4 in each.
VoD is useful, but NOT a necessity...I will play with it again, but not going to default to it.
Scarabs are useful, but NOT game breaking (unless farming, which has been corrected to make it less overwhelming by far).
Deathmarks are more useful than I expected, which makes me happy...as I like the model/concept.
Tesla-mortals are borderline against MEQ/Mech...at best.
I am very VERY glad I did not purchase more than 2 annihilation barges, they are NOT good rifleman replacements...but I still like them.
Imotekh may not be worth his points...but I still like him, and will continue to try to build around him for a bit.
Overlords are really borderline unless given more equipment...they are NOT a good 'stripped down' HQ.
Swiss army knife 'crons are not great, but can be a real tar-pit.
Unit numbers need to go up (either units or model count) if you aren't playing with Orbs.
Ever living counters are easy to cock-block, if you think it through in advance.
Catacomb Command barges are necessary if you aren't toting wraiths/dest lord.
I need Wraiths as much as I thought I did.

other thoughts, but need more...thought! Very Happy

Some(maybe all) of these things seem obvious, but are still nice to confirm
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PostSubject: Re: EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis   Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:50 am

Thx EAP.

Watch out for this shady roller Justin fella!


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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PostSubject: Re: EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis   Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:55 pm

What exactly does he do?
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PostSubject: Re: EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis   Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:21 pm

a point was made (by someone else, not wholly unwarranted now that I think about it) that I sounded a bit petty in this bat-rep...so to explain without sounding like a petulant child blaming the world for a loss;

the issue was dice rolling consistency.
it's generally not good to roll hits one way (by the handful, with what I would consider a 'normal' height and shaking), and then pluck out the misses...then scoop your hits and gently, low over the table, palm down 'roll' your hand to drop them.

as I did not note this until turn two, nor really pay close attention to it til turn 3, I cannot (with 100%, no questions asked) guarantee he rolled every wound/save batch the same way...I merely believe he did.

I explained to him, afterward, that it doesn't look 'clean' when this happens. I don't expect it to come up again.
Had he not had that stroke of dice-mad-luck be coincidental with this, I frankly may not have ever noticed.

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PostSubject: Re: EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis   

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EGC 1850 RTT Batrep Synopsis
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