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 H-town tourney

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PostSubject: H-town tourney   Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:27 pm

Played in Brady's tourney yesterday at Hobbytown. Nice little store... man they got product from the floor to the ceiling! Even with the low turnout, it was great to play some games... and to see Brady, Chad then later Kenny. I ended up taking Eldar instead of big bugs... more bang for the buck (only 1250 pts).

And I forgot my flip camera..... so not many details... memory loss... if you know what I mean. Wink That's why I use the flip.

First game was against Brady and his Eldar... kinda like an Eldar civil war! Kill points and hold the center objective. 9" deployment on table halves. I tabled him in 7 turns but was unable to obtain the center. Won by kill points.

Second game was against 'monger's Guard (ughh!!! my achilles heal) Spearhead deployment with center objective and an objective in the other two quarter's centers.... kill points. Warmonger handed me my ass... slaughtered me in killpoints (maybe 7-2?... memory... see above Very Happy ) held one objective to my none.

Third game was against CSM (can't remember the kid's name... see above... let's call him newb... as he was one to the game). 9" deployment again with holding the center and killpoints but also with the added Headhunters bonus. Rearing from the spanking I had took from Warmonger the game before... I took the newb I was playing to school (sorry newb)... taking the objective, beating him in kill points, but alas didn't kill his HQ... his mom called and said he had to get home. Laughing

Took third

Good time Brady.

On a side note:
My son Ian did well for his first tourney and said had a great time... isn't that all that truley matters! Wink


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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H-town tourney
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