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 BUGG'S I.G. VS. Pretzel's Space Marines in "Boarding Mission"

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PostSubject: BUGG'S I.G. VS. Pretzel's Space Marines in "Boarding Mission"   Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:56 pm

I went south to Cincy yesterday March 31 and had a 40K Boarding mission game of my Space Marines vs. Brady's Imperial Guard. I failed to break the control panel ran into to many Bulk-Head Doors & some Ogryns that slowed me down. I got to the hallway to control room with Terminator Captain & remains of Assualt Terminators, to be shot down by plasma guns & melta-guns, on table one

On Table two Eric T.'s Spacewolves took down Zack's Necrons after a big fight.

We feasted on 5lbs. of Carfagna's Festival Italian Sausages broiled in Rye hogie buns with mustard & ketchup with Henies & Guiness to drink, and had fresh strawberries & chocolate sauce for desert!


Attacker 1850pts required 2 Elites

Defender 2500pts required 2 Troops & 1 HQ
(2 Troops set up in 1st line rooms & 2nd line rooms & HQ in 3rd Line Control
Room, all other forces in reserve) Control Room has Bulk-Head Doors AV:14
Other Doors AV:9

Doors on left & right of each room that reserves may come in

Control Panel Toughness; 6

( X ) 3rd line 1 Control Room ( X = Control panel)
( )( ) 2nd line 2 rooms
( )( )( ) 1st line 3 rooms

SPACE SHIP: Pyramid of 6 rooms
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BUGG'S I.G. VS. Pretzel's Space Marines in "Boarding Mission"
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