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 Helpless Will's projects

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Helpless Will


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PostSubject: Helpless Will's projects   Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:49 pm

So, stuff work is continually interfering with;

All that remains of the current grey army's to do list;

That's seven turrets, thirteen terminators and in the back, eight half done wolf scouts. I'd planned on having them all done by the end of March, currently, the end of April.

The half done scouts;

When they're done, I move on to the oft mentioned World Eaters. These guys, every one, are Forge World kits. The 'zerkers and Terminators are all Forge World conversion kits with appropriate GW kits, or wholly Forge World (Tyberos and Zhufor). The power armor is, so far, all MKIII and MKV kit from the same place. Each of the rhinos has at least on World Eater door on it.

This is my long term project. I've bought the kits as I was able to over the course of way over a year now. I've got about half of what I plan on, so far.

Not seen here are 20 MKII and MKV assault marines. I'll definitely be picking up some MKIV, and about ten more MKII and MKV to do weapon options with. Also going to be getting more MKIII, MKIV, MKV, and MKVI power armor for when the new chaos 'dex comes around, probably some more 'zerker and terminator conversions to kitbash with the new GW stuff also. Chain axes too, gotta have chain axes.

Essentially, if it's pre-heresy or heresy era, it'll wind up in this army somewhere.

As soon as the grey army is done, for now, I'll switch up to this one, with side projects interspersed.

Also, some of you are familiar with my experience with Blue Table's painting service. Those figs were stripped and rebasecoated back when we lost Ian. He had always wanted to redo them for me, and I never got the opportunity to take him up on that. Naturally, I got back from his memorial service and dumped them all in the Super Clean.

They are my primary "side project."

Here's what they look like now;

Some of you have seen the one finished "test" squad;

Some close ups;

Finally, just in case you were after a rough idea of the color scheme the World Eaters will have when finished;

It's how I spent the first five months of 2011.

Lots more, much larger resolution pics here. (<--Link)

More pics will follow as I get things done and time permits.

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Hand of Dume


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PostSubject: Re: Helpless Will's projects   Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:22 pm

That Titan looks awesome!!

A lot of work there Will to be done. A ton of figs there.

Thanks for submitting your projects and keep us updated!


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Helpless Will's projects   Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:17 pm

You sure have a lot of projects going on! I take it that your Blue Table experience wasn't very good?

Martial Law-Salute
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Helpless Will


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Age : 48
Location : Dayton Ohio

PostSubject: Re: Helpless Will's projects   Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:10 pm

Really, I expect to have it all done this year. The World Eaters and the Lamenters have both been in exactly the state you see them in here, for right at a year now.

I got some weird attack of principle, and de-chaosified every thing I'd already done for the grey army, barring the few bikes with horned helmets, and a few random chaos bits scattered here and there to keep the Relictors / 13th Company feel.

I am now, finally, nearly a year later, almost done.

Would have been done months ago if work hadn't gotten to a new record of suck. Still at, lemme count, yeah, zero, days off so far in 2012.

On Blue Table, when the Blood Angels codex dropped, they were doing a special, pure jumpers army, 2k pts, you let em pick the list, and the color scheme, but can provide some guidelines. Total price 700 bucks. I was on the road a lot for work at the time, and that was a month's worth of mileage reimbursement, at the time. Easy decision for me.

My guidelines were, not a huge death company presence, and darker shades. I was hoping for something Flesh Tearersish.

They showed up, at first I was pleased, and then I noticed the attention to detail was, lacking. Edge and EAP both saw them in their "pristine" state. The Sanguinary Guard were missing the hands on the angelus pattern bolt gun arms. Some places, crevasses, hard to reach places, you could see primer.

From three feet they looked... ok. From up close... Let's just say I was not happy with my experience.

Ian and Aaron immediately offered to redo them, for free, if they could pick a fight with Blue Table on their website. I declined. Too much hassle in my life already at that point.

In all fairness, I have seen other things they've done that were stellar. I think this must have been something one of the new guys worked on to learn their process.

The way I look at it, I got what I paid for. Especially if I look at it from a letter of the contract standpoint. I was overcharged, but I went into it eyes open. Besides, at the time the economy was still, freshly awful, and there was no way I was going to mess with someone's livelihood over the whole thing.

On the Titan, thanks.

It was a Christmas present from my family in 2010. My mom got pretty sick almost immediately afterward, and I dropped everything else to get it done so I could show it to her before... well it wound up being a pretty close run thing, her second go round with cancer, but she got through it.

So, some sentimentality there. It's nice to hear good things about it. Thank you.
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Helpless Will


Posts : 102
Join date : 2011-08-06
Age : 48
Location : Dayton Ohio

PostSubject: Re: Helpless Will's projects   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:21 pm

Welll, not a lot's gotten accomplished recently.

Sum total of September's Effort;

Sum total of October's;

Decided to strip the Lamenters back to bare plastic, as they were too much of a pain in the ass give in my limited time for hobbying. Knights of Blood I can do much more quickly, but for now, doing something about allies. So, while I didn't paint much recently, did build a bunch of guard... the all purpose allies.

Work has pretty much taken over what little time I had left. I will be working on Thanksgiving day, for certain, and have had every weekend scheduled with some work activity between now and the end of July.
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PostSubject: Re: Helpless Will's projects   

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Helpless Will's projects
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