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 Epic Loot summary

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PostSubject: Epic Loot summary   Sun May 06, 2012 3:52 pm

Went to Epic Loots RTT, Edge and Josh were there also. We had 12 players today with a variety of armies, Tyranids, Daemons, Orks, 2-3 IG, SW's, BT, Deathwing, Necrons. No GK that I saw, imagine that.
The tables had plenty of terrain some I think were actually over 25%. I had three good games against good oppenents. I ended up with "Best General" only out done by Josh who brought in "Best Overall" so it was a good day all around. Toby's supposed to post overall results and I'll post them when he does.

Anyways as usual at tournaments I didn't have time to get any pics or video but here is a rough break down of my games. My list, I used the same side bar force all day.

Destroyer Lord
Harbinger Destruction x3
Harbinger Despair- veil
Harbinger Eternity- chronmetron
5 warriors x3
6 wraiths- 3 whips, 1 p. Caster x3

side bar- 3 spiders w/ prism, 5 immortals- guass

1st game: Nathan- Black Templars
Expensive HQ
Emperor's Champion
10 man tac squad & 2 scouts in LR Crusader w/ both HQ's
5 man tac squad w/ ML in rhino
2 Vindicators
2 Land Speeders w/ mm, hvy bolter
Venerable Dreadnaught

Spearhead, victory pts, kill opponents side bar, More units in enemy deployment zone

I went first deploying all my wraiths and D. lord along the radius of my deployment zone 12 inches from center. The Monolith on my left, spiders on the right. Imohtek, chronotek & immortals behind the Monolith 3 warrior squads in reserve. He castles up in his corner w/ LR, Vindicators to the front, rhino in the rear, dread and Speeders in between. I moved everything forward as far as I could. Imohtek's lightening took out a big gun on a vindicator.
He moves his LR and Vindicators up and spreads out his other stuff. The Vindicator can't range in. He dismounts from the LR to assault a unit of wraiths but falls short on the difficult terrain test. 2nd turn I assault his BT deathstar with 18 wraiths & the D. Lord. Ten marines die, the Emperors Champ wounds the D. Lord twice and a wraith takes a wound. He moves up the dread and assaults the wraiths. Vindy and Speeders wound the spiders. The wraith units finish off the combat with the deathstar and begin moving on the rest of his vehicles. His shooting kills off my spiders. Wraiths destroy a speeder and makes the other one unable to move. He calls it at turn five and I manage to get both bonus pts. WIN Very Happy

2nd game: Will- Daemons
Herald of Tzeentch x3
Soul Grinder x3
12 Flamers
5 plague Bearers x2
10 blood letters
5 flying melta bombs
3 flamers
6 fiends

Dow, seize ground (4 objectives), control 3 of 4 objectives, kill all HQ's

I deployed Veiltek/warrior sguad towards the center of the board and Imohtek/immortals towards the rear in ruins. I bring everything in on my first turn except the 2 plain warrior squads which stay in reserve. He gets his preferred half which is 3 soul grinders, 6 fiends, flamers, flying melta bombs. He deploys 2 soul grinders in his deployment zone and one on my right flank. The flying melta bombs in a ruin in the rear of his deployment zone. The flamers land by Imohtek killing all the Immortals, the Fiends in between the grinders. The soul grinders shooting kill two wraiths.
One unit of warriors comes on the close to the soul grinder in my deployment zone but fails to damage. The spiders assault the flamers. One unit of wraiths assault a soul grinder destroying it. The other two and D. Lord assault the fiends wiping them out. This trend continued all game with him only recieveing 1 or 2 squads a turn in reserves and me killing a squad or two and turn. It basically came down to the last turn and his last two reserve units coming in and contesting the two objectives that I controlled. DRAW Neutral

Game 3: Kevin, Space Wolves
Storm Caller
Ruin Priest
Devastators w/ ML x3
5 scouts
Shit load of SW's on foot

Pitched battle, Table quarters, kill points, 3 of 4 table quarters

He set up first putting the Devastator squads in ruins to cover most of the field and spread out the rest across his deployment zone. I placed all the wraiths center and to my right to over load his left flank and then turn inwards towards the rest of his forces. The spiders in the back field to cover my rear from his scouts. Warrior squads in reserve. I failed to seize.
He shuffles his troops around a little and tries to range in on my forces but can't due to NF. I advance with everything leaving the spiders towards the rear. Lightening bolts kill a few marines. Kevin moves up to torrent of fire me with everything he can before the assault comes. He kills two wraiths and injures two more. I move up into assault range. Lightening does nothing but the monolith pie plates 5. Two units of wraiths and the D. lord attack the Storm Callers unit and one unit of wraiths attack a Devastator squad. The Devastators lose 4 and cause a wound killing a wraith. The other assault results in 10 dead SW's and a dead and wound wraith. Both combats continue.
From here out it's just a big slobber knocker in the middle of Kevins deployment zone as he continues to pump troops into the combat. Both sides taking damage but the SW faired worse than the Necrons. Kevins scouts come in from the back of my deployment attacking a warrior squad. The spiders counter attack and the combat ensues for a couple of turns finally resulting on the last turn with one power fist SW falling back, the Cryptek was all that remained of the warrior squad and the spiders. With that the game ended with Kevin holding one table quarter and I had two. WIN Very Happy

Martial Law-Salute
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Crawling Chaos


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PostSubject: Re: Epic Loot summary   Sun May 06, 2012 6:06 pm

What is with you and Daemons?

Nice job, 'Monger. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. How much did your sideboard affect the game in your opinion?
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PostSubject: Re: Epic Loot summary   Sun May 06, 2012 8:04 pm

Crawling Chaos wrote:

Quote :
What is with you and Daemons?

Good question? But no answer. I will say that I didn't have any problems with any of his stuff but he did play it smart trying to concentrate on my scoring units when possible. Teleporting my troops wasn't as effective since he could DS another unit to my new location, so they were always under a threat of some kind.

The side bar I used was what I would normally use at 2000 pts and I used it for all 3 games, so no major effect really. In hind sight I think my other side bar would have been better against the SW. It was another Monolith and 1 spider. The extra pie plate would have been nice against his hoard of marines.

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PostSubject: no other way   Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:22 pm

there is no other way to reply to the post about the 40k tournament tomorrow but i'd like the open spot. (chris mcintosh).

it's cool if it's not possible but i had no idea that there was a signup sheet until a friend of mine went in today to hit the bits bin and found out he was the last guy.

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PostSubject: Re: Epic Loot summary   Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:45 pm

Stop in tomorrow about 10:30..... there could be no shows.


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Epic Loot summary   Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:24 pm

Chris your good to go, we'll see you tomorrow! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Epic Loot summary   

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Epic Loot summary
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