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 GK vs. Nids, 1500 6th Ed.

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PostSubject: GK vs. Nids, 1500 6th Ed.   Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:16 pm

So, to keep tossing out there some of the games I've had in 6th Ed. so far, I thought I'd post a quick one reguarding a game I played against a new face at the Bookery. He goes by "bear" and is recent transfer to WPAFB.

To preface, I met the guy about a week or two ago on the weekend at Bookery. There was alot of games going on and 6th Ed was still pretty new. I didn't have time for a game and was only really there to see how many flyers people were using just a couple weeks into the new edition. I sat down to watch a game get started, ya know, the Warlord traits, counting reserves, placing purchaced terrain, the new stuff, etc etc. I get caught up in a pretty interesting game and we all just chat like amicable gamers do...

Come to find out, Bear played in the same area as the majority of BOLS players in Texas. Through talking and mild chit chat, I found out that he hates GKs, hates Necrons, hates Mat Ward, and is pretty disinterested in organized play. I put a "casual gamer" tag over his head in my brain and continue to have casual conversation w/out being too critical of mistakes and crappy list suggestions made over the next few turns of the game we were all watching...

All that being said, the dude plays Nids. My long lost love. I just get done with an intense game vs. Necrons and don't even have my army put away and he asks me for a game...I think back to the "I hate GK, I hate competitive play" and think that this isn't a good idea. On the other hand, it would be rude and unfortunate to send a new player in the area home w/out getting a game in. I warn him my list isn't nice, he shrugs and says bring it anyways.

The report, for all it's worth is much shorter than all that backstory. However, it will was needed for my conclusion.

The Report:

We rolled up Purge the Alien and Hammer and Anvil depolyment. Our Warlord traits were something like "outflanking" for me and +1VP for CC kills for his warlord for him. Neither mattered, as they seldom do. He got first turn, there was no night fighting, and he had a mixed bag of MCs and gribblies.

He took:
devourer gants
x2 carnifex
x2 venomthropes

I took:
x3 units of purifiers
x2 psyfleman
x2 stormravens

His Turn 1: Alot of cover hopping/move through cover and very little shooting. I deployed in such a way that I figured he'd come to me. Otherwise he'd never get a KP and I'd out gun him with the dreds and eventual stormravens.

My Turn 1: Gants died for 1st blood, half the gargoyles died, the venomthropes where insta gibbed, and the tervigon took a wound.

His Turn 2: The flyrant came in and took x2 HP off a dred. Various purifiers died here and there, but the DK tanked and spanked the gargoyles who failed an assault after Wall of Fire or whatever it's called.

My Turn 2: One Raven came in and put 3 wounds on the Tyrant, Purifiers rended the last wound off. GK wiped out the gargoyles in assault/flamer. Pretty much the only things left were the Tervigon and x2 Carnifex.

His Turn 3: Losing badly, he gave up and through the tervigon at the GK. I Force Weoponed him while under the effects of Shadows for his trouble and then he conceeded.

Now for the moral and purpose of this tidbit of 6th ed. There is a huge disparity between friendly games and competitive games now. I'm finding this alot more in 6th than I did in 5th. Perhaps it's because people are trying new things and are getting stomped for bad lists or perhaps some armies just /faceroll other codex' right now. IDK. Be mindful though, what you ask to play and what you offer to play. Though I really enjoyed meeting and playing a new face, I didn't enjoy kicking the crap out of the guy. I've mentioned there are lists I don't even play friends with right now because they are just not fun at all to play against.

This list not being one of those but the point still stands...the guy didn't like GK before and won't like them any more after me playing them. In my efforts to improve my gameplay and knowledge of tactics/rules on the tabletop, I've noticed that playing me can end up a NPE. (negative play expirience) Most likely not for seasoned vets like you guys but for the everyday average joe who just wants to toss dice. Just be careful going forward into 6th Ed. It's completely unbalanced IMO right now and we might shrink the community by suckerpunching them to death in P.U.G.s

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PostSubject: Re: GK vs. Nids, 1500 6th Ed.   Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:27 pm

Well at least you warned him ahead of time about your list and he still accepted so what else could you do but play badly on purpose and thats not really in the spirit of the game IMO.

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PostSubject: Re: GK vs. Nids, 1500 6th Ed.   Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:17 pm

If he plays with the BOLS guys he's used to it I am sure.. Even when Thomas is playing for fun he brings some pretty in your face lists, and Nick isn't much different from what I have been told. =P

I agree there is the chance for a HUGE gap in power in lists now depending on what you field.
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PostSubject: Re: GK vs. Nids, 1500 6th Ed.   Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:44 pm

You gave him a heads up and he still said "bring it". Like C said, if he's played the BoLS boys he should be familiar..... welcome to pain my friend.....


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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PostSubject: Re: GK vs. Nids, 1500 6th Ed.   

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GK vs. Nids, 1500 6th Ed.
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