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 and downhill they slide...

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PostSubject: and downhill they slide...   Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:08 pm


Christ on a muddafuggin crutch.
They don't even try to hide the troll-bait/ad-rev roiling behind common sense and decent writing anymore...
this isn't just a 'my pusswah hurts, I need a midol when my Imperials fall behind' article (though definitely has those earmarks as well)...it's downright idiotic.

As much as the link (for those that look) undercuts my raging a bout them in the first place, I cannot believe the lengths of wrong-think that BoLS fails to edit (or engage in forethought before posting) just to stir the pot.
Ill thought out, poorly written and simply reaching...because somebody's butt-hurt that an army has *gasp* an exception in the rules their Imp armies don't.
GAH, I hate BoLS...I really, really do...
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PostSubject: Re: and downhill they slide...   Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:38 pm

I like the comments made by Neil and a few others.
Codex trumps BRB. Don't think it's 'fair' but it is the robot-way. Can't have these 'feelings' when I take them on...

Declaring Martial Law - FTW
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and downhill they slide...
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