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 EGC breakdown

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PostSubject: EGC breakdown   Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:05 pm

We had 10 players with most having only a few games of 6th under their belt so I'm hoping the attendence will grow as time goes by. The terrain was a little light with very little LOS blocking terrain but 3 people did bring ADL's with their lists.

My list:
D. Lord w/ weave, warscythe, scarabs, orb (x2)
5 Warriors (x3), 1 with a Nightscythe
6 Wraith's w/ 3 whip coils (x3)
1 Monolith
1 A-Barge
3 Spiders w/ doom prism

I played Kinsey the first round who was running Nids, his list from memory was.

Tervagon (HQ)
Tervagon (x2)
10 Guants (x2)
2 Hive Guard w/ venom cannos (x2)
3 Dakkafex's

Mission was Vanguard Strike/Crusade

He went first basiclly placing everything in a line roughly in the center of his deployment with the flyrant coming on his left flank. I deployed everything across from him but the Nightscythe which came on the board on my right flank, the A-barge on my right and the Monolith on my left. I failed to sieze.

He advances cautiously up the middle behind a small hill shoots with everything killing a wraith or two. One Tervigon rolls a double but sends those guants to hold an objective in his back corner, the other spawn some guants. I move forward assaulting with the wraiths that have the Warlord into the guants and hive guard. The other unit of Hive Guard dies to shooting from the A-Barge. The other unit of wraiths with no D. Lord assault his guants. My other unit w/ the D. Lord is to far out to make it into assault. I kill a bunch of the guants and the other unit of hive guard.

His Flyrant comes in on his left flank behind a ruin and does nothing while the fight in the middle continues. His second Tervigon rolls a double and so no more guants from that one either. My Nightscythe comes in on my right shooting along with the Monolith and wounds some of the MC's. The wraiths kill most of the guants. I move the wraith unit w/ the D. Lord back towards his Flyrant looking for a charge on him next turn.

His Flyrant moves out from behind the ruins and trys to shoot the A-Barge but is only strength 6 and can't damage it. The HQ Tervigon spawns more guants but no MC's charge this turn. My Nightscythe comes in on my right and it and the A-barge shoot at his Flyrant causing a grounding test which he passes. Shooting wounds some of the MC's again. All of the guants are dead at this time. He holds one objective and my warriors are holding 2.

Time is running out so he charges all of his MC's into my 2 units of wraiths in the middle causing 27 str. 10 attacks but only kills 2 wraiths and puts one wound on the Warlord. His Tervigon is holding the center objective at this point in the game. My last turn I move my unengaged wraiths w/ the D. Lord to contest the center objective and kill a Tervigon and one Dakkafex giving me the win with 2 objectives to one.

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PostSubject: Re: EGC breakdown   Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:56 pm

Game #2

I played Edge in game 2 against his SoB and BA allies' his list from memory:

10 SoB's (x2)
3 Exorcists
10 Terminators (combat squaded)
10 assualt marines w/ jump packs (combat squaded)

This one was Hammer and Anvil/Big guns never tire. In addition to the heavies scoring Edge also rolled for his warlord trait and got the one makeing her scoring.

Edge went first spreading his vehicles accross the deployment zone with the SoB's and Termies lined up in front of them. Jump infantry and Celest held in reserve. I overload my left flank with the Warlord and D. Lord and 2 units of wraiths, the A-Barge and one unit of plain wraiths beside it on my right and the Monolith in the center with a unit of warriors and the spiders on an objective in the rear of my deployment zone everything else in reserve. I seized the int..

Basiclly Edge just out played me on this mission. I rushed him he shot at me. Mephisto assaulted my wraiths with the D. Lord killing one or two wraith's but taking 3 wounds in return. A-Barge shoots a Excorcist inflicting 2 hull points of damage. He moves up his terminators for support, sisters on his left flank stay around objective. Edge shoots some more killing some wraiths. I assault his sisters that are not by an objective, my warlord dies to his over watch fire (i think it was over watch & some excorcist), Mephisto dies and the other unit of plain wraiths assault his center unit of Termies.

No reserves for Edge, he shoots some more, wraiths wear down terminators. Other unit of termies assault A-Barge and destroyes it. Nightscyth comes in and finishes off the damaged Excorcist. Wraiths kill some more sisters but they pass morale.

Celest and jump infantry comes in. Celest flames 2 units of warriors on my back objective killing 3, jump infantry shoot at Monolith with meltas but do nothing. Wraiths with D. Lord move towards one Jump Infantry squad and assaults killing all of them. I forget to disembark troops from my Nightscythe.
I teleport spiders thru monolith and am now hold 3 objectives to Edges one.

I move to protect my objectives but Edge contests one with Celesty another with the jump infantry. He rushes forward with the Vindicator but it gets immoblised, the Excorcist beside it moves forward but is still to far away, the remaining Excocist moves to claim his second objective (the other is held by a sisters squad). Game ends, Edge wins 2-1 on objectives.

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PostSubject: Re: EGC breakdown   Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:27 am

Game 3

Russell - IG
Dawn of war/Scouring

his list from memory:

Company Command squad
Plattoon Command squad
2 units of infantry w/ melta or flamers
2 unit of vets w/ melta or flamers
1 unit of 10 ratlings
3 Las Cannon teams (x2)
1 Vendetta
3 leman russ' in a squad
1 Manticore
2 Hydra's
ADL w/ Icarus Las Cannon

Russ went first setting up his ADL from the center of the board to the left of his deployment. He castles up with the majority of his forces behind it and puts his Platoon command, Ratlings and one infantry squad on his far right flank in some ruins holding a objective. I overload my right with a D. Lord and 2 units of wraiths, the spiders and A-Barge. One unit of warriors on each objective in ruins on my left and right, Monolith, Warlord and one unit of wraiths on my left flank. I seize.

I rush forward with the wraiths and D. Lords, move up the spiders, A-Barge and monolith. Very little shooting on my part except for the A-Barge shoots at his Vendetta causing inflicting one hull point of damage. I brace for incoming fire. Russ lets loose with everything on his left flank killing some of the wraiths and wounding the D. Lord. He pulls back his infantry units.

I continue forward with everything, Nightscythe fails to come in from reserves. Russell punishes me with shooting again, killing the D. Lord and a bunch of wraiths on my right flank leaving me with only a couple of wraiths in each unit on the right. My left flank does better only losing 2 wraiths. The Monolith pie plates a unit of infantry killing 6 or 7 but they pass morale.

Spiders, Monolith and A-Barge move up, Wraiths assault but lose one wraith per squad on my right from over watch. Both remaining wraiths assault his Company Command breaking the unit then consolidate behind a wall. Warlord splits from wraiths and assault the Platoon command squad killing 2 but they pass morale but that objective is contested. Wraiths assault the infantry squad breaking them and the flee the field. Wraiths consolidate. Nightscythe came in drop off warrior squad near my center obj. Russell flames the wraiths on my right finishing them off, he kills one and wounds one spider.

My warriors couldn't reach my center objective due to a bad roll for running. Monolith shoots does nothing, Nightscythe takes out Vendetta. The combat with my Warlord continues. Russ shoots taking out my Nightscythe but little else. I win game 2 objectives to one.

Disclaimer: All battle reports are an approximate of action that took place and may have some things not quite in the correct order but you get the idea! Embarassed

Martial Law-Salute
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PostSubject: Re: EGC breakdown   Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:47 pm

Good batreps Monger! The memory seems to have gotten clearer as of late... Wink


Let's just play the friggin' game and have some fun!
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PostSubject: Re: EGC breakdown   

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EGC breakdown
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