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 B vs. E Scour The Star Fort

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PostSubject: B vs. E Scour The Star Fort   Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:34 pm

Hi Folks !!
11/24/2012 Bug's War Room 2pm Scour The Star Fort MISSION #2
4 Objectives; 2Landing pads, 1Bastion Central Command, & 1Planetary Defense Lasers
each are 3 Victory Points, Islands in space connected by walk ways
Defense Lasers Fire at Planet and gain +1V.P. per hit (5+ on 1d6)
Eric = The Emperor's Own; Purple Punchers Space Marines
Kennie = Grey Knights
Attackers (Go first & Start at Bastion)
Brady = Chaos Demons
Dickie = Demons & Chaos
We played 7 Turns!
Eric's Terminators Killed Brady's Bloodletters for FIRST BLOOD +1V.P.
Dickie's Skull Taker in Chaos Chariot killed by Eric's Chaplin & 10 Terminators
Brady's Demon Prince killed Eric's Chaplin SLAY THE WARLORD +1V.P.
Eric's Space Marine Missile Launcher Crack Missile Shoot in rear of Soul Grinder Penetrates & Explodes it
Grey Knight "DEEP STRIKE" on Bastion MISSES by 7" and Mishap Table Roll "1" all Dead!
3 Planetary Defense Lasers Fire at Planet and HIT gaining +3V.P.
Turn5 Get return of 5 Terminators for Space Marines "DEEP STRIKE" & MISSES & goes to Reserves
Turn6 Get return of 5 Terminators for Space Marines land on Landing Pad#2
Last Turn7 get 2 units returning; 1Grey Knight & 1Tactical Squad Space Marines
Eric's Space Marines gun down and kill Brady's Lord of Change SLAY THE WARLORD +1V.P.
Kennie holds a Landing Pad #1 +3V.P.
Eric holds the Ruined Planetary Defense Lasers +3V.P.
Eric's Space Marines and Brady's single Chaos spawn Contest other Landing Pad #2
Dickie's Chaos Cultus Hold Baston +3V.P.
Totals; Marines & Grey Knights; +3 +3 +1 +1 +3 = 11 V.P. WINNERS!!
Demons & Chaos; +3 +1 = 4 V.P.
Had Synders of Hanover Pretzel Nubs, TACO Doritos Corn Chips, Cashew Nuts and Cherry Cokes & Pauli Girl Dark and Hennies regular for Munching and Drinking
Later went to La Rosa's Pizza and had a FEAST of; Hot Garlic Wings & Regular Pizza Pie crust with Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon & Rondels with Cheese & Pepperoni and some cokes to wash it down
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B vs. E Scour The Star Fort
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